Wi-Fi 6 Enables A Faster, More Secure Home Network

Make Sure That Your Wireless Connectivity Accommodates the Demands of Entertainment and Work 

Your smart home network is a vital component, supplying entertainment, surveillance, and conferencing for work. Unfortunately, while wireless connections are the most convenient method, they can also be the most unreliable. That is until now.  

802.11ax, or more commonly called Wi-Fi 6, is a spectacular step forward in wireless data networking. The devices and standards are built to handle the high-density internet of things (IoT) and high definition 4K & 8K streaming devices.  

Are you intrigued to see how improved home networking can make your Fenwick Island, DE  connectivity safer, faster, and more reliable? Read more below. 

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More Devices, Less Hassle  

Your automated home has about 20-25 wireless devices, on average, connected at any given time. This density can affect bandwidth speeds, especially when streaming high-resolution videos and online games. Wi-Fi 6 has specially designed features that increase the speed available to every device. The platform accommodates up to 4x the connections, prioritizing high bandwidth demands. 

The new 802.11ax access points and routers for the home can make use of the recently opened 1-5 GHz bands, providing access to less populated frequencies. The new channels, combined with the traditional 2.4 and 5GHz bands, increase reliability and flexibility without replacing your existing devices. 

Space and Time 

One of the issues with wireless devices is that they all operate within a single medium of RF.  Wi-Fi 6 automatically differentiates its network devices from your neighbor’s or even a different grid on your house. Implementing a spectrum time-frequency segregation manager (OFDMA ) routers allot time slices to each device, guaranteeing a designated connection schedule.  

The spatial frequency protocol adds ‘colors coding’ to’ devices on its network, ignoring nonmembers and thereby freeing up time and bandwidth. A Wi-Fi 6 network allows up to 30 simultaneous client devices per channel. The improved efficiency reduces latency, meaning you can eliminate buffering delays and increase the capabilities of your home.  

Connect Longer, Save Power 

A smart home contains a lot of consumer-grade IoT devices such as cameras, sensors, and smartphones. Unfortunately, these units are often battery powered, and constant communication can drain the charge quickly.   

Wi-Fi 6’s Target Wait Time (TWT) features coordinates with the devices by telling them exactly when to turn on its Wi-Fi radio and when to sleep. As a result, your smartphone conserves more energy, giving you more life out of the last charge, and your doorbell camera runs longer between battery replacements.   

Safety and Security  

Security is a concern for any wireless device. The system carries your personal information over the air where anyone with simple tools can intercept it.   

With the introduction of the security standard WAP3 included in Wi-Fi 6, your home network is much more secure. In addition, the protocol provides a boosted cryptographic scheme that furnishes you with near enterprise-class protection.  

Expand as you Need  

Wi-Fi 6 certified products are available now, and the list of 802.11ax native devices such as smartphones, monitors, IoT monitors is growing. Moreover, you don’t have to wait to replace the devices you already have, as the access points allow for legacy compatibility with an independent radio set in the standard 2.4GHz range.  

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