What Homeowners Want for Their Outdoor Entertainment

Know What Technologies to Bring to Your Next Project

If you’re an architect or builder, you might be used to designing and planning indoor entertainment spaces. Taking hidden AV technologies and large systems into account for your project plans is crucial. But what about for the outdoors? When there aren’t many walls or areas to bring smart tech to, what does a typical setup look like?

In this blog, we’ll go through what an outdoor entertainment system entails, and what technologies Rehoboth Beach, DE, homeowners are looking for in their living spaces. That way, you can rest assured you’ll be building homes and layouts with these smart solutions in mind, and based around them as the centerpiece.

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4K TVs for Any Occasion

Having a TV outside can seem problematic for a number of reasons – the weather, the elements, and other damage that can affect it. Plus, the sun’s glare already makes watching media indoors complicated without motorized shades – so how can the outdoors help at all?

It turns out that there are plenty of outdoor 4K resolution HD TV screens that can withstand all types of weather conditions. And as TVs are usually a homeowner’s first choice for outdoor entertainment, it’s best to accommodate your design plans with one in mind.

As the center of an entertainment system, an outdoor-friendly TV will deliver a bright and vivid image even in the direct sunlight. Special anti-glare screens won’t let the sunshine ruin a scene or have homeowners or guest straining to see. Now they can enjoy the fresh air and radiant sunlight without worrying that a movie or show will be interrupted.

Bringing a TV outside opens up so many opportunities. Imagine a movie night under the stars, or a tailgate for the big game. The weatherproof screens can withstand the harshest of rains and storms, and can also take splashes from the pool.

So, while homeowners fire up the grill and cheer on their favorite team, kids can get as rowdy as they want in the pool: No one has to worry about separating technology from the outdoor components.

High-End Speaker System

Another factor to an outdoor entertainment system is the sound. It’s fundamental to have high-fidelity audio accompany the TV screen and media, as well as for other uses.

Homeowners can listen to an audiobook or podcast out on the patio, or dance along to their favorite party playlist when they have their friends over.

Strategically-placed speakers all around the backyard can create the perfect surround sound setup. So wherever anyone is standing in the yard, he or she will still hear the tunes or media with the same level of quality.

As they’re all over the yard, it’s best to take their vast coverage into consideration when designing a backyard layout – because to achieve that surround sound, speakers need to sneak into a variety of corners and hidden areas.

The speakers and audio equipment will also be weather resistant and can take any type of water hitting them; just like the TV screens, they will be easy to control from any smart device.

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