Take a Look at the New Control4 Smart Home OS 3!

Discover the Benefits of Control4’s OS 3 and How It Helps Homeowners in Many Unexpected Ways.  

Whether Control4 is brand-new to you, or you’ve been using it in your Fenwick Island, DE, home for a while, we have some exciting news to share about their new and improved operating system. As your local Control4 dealer, we enjoy exploring new upgrades likes And bringing them to life in our client’s homes.  

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Control4 Smart Home OS 3: What’s the Big Difference? 

Though there are more than 1,000 (Yes, you read that right!) new OS 3 updates to talk about, we’ll give you a rundown of the coolest features first. We think some of the first features that you’ll notice about OS 3 are its new personalization and prioritization perks.  

The overarching theme across many of the updates is prioritization: Its new grid format lets you slide through rooms and devices with ease or enjoy an overview of your entire home in one look.  

If you have certain features that you use more often than others, make sure that your system lets you look at those first. For example, you frequently use your TV in your media room, right? OS 3 takes note and displays that icon more prominently when you use the “Media Room” dashboard.  

Personalization also establishes Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 as a unique product. You can choose from a wide variety of wallpapers to show off your screens in your style, whether you prefer showcasing pictures of family members or Picasso’s Blue Period artwork.  

Why Might You Want to Upgrade? 

The operating system also offers some fun perks for music lovers, with their updated Media Sessions feature that lets you access your whole library at a glance. You can adjust volume, change tracks and check sound quality for every song playing in your home — or outdoors.  

Safety benefits abound in OS 3. For example, you can instantly look at which doors are locked and unlocked, even without pressing a button. Plus, you’ll get all the deep security integrations built into the original interface, including Intercom Anywhere’s video doorbell system and smart locks.  

As with most smart home automation, convenience also takes precedence. Without getting out of bed or even swiping through touchpad screens, you can now control and see the status of door locks, window shades and smart lights around the house from your bedroom dashboard, so you don’t have to swipe from room to room when making sure everything is secure and powered down before you sleep.  

How Can You Try OS 3 Soon? 

We think Control4’s OS 3 benefits speak for themselves. So how do you install these features to enjoy them as soon as possible? With the help of SoundFX, you can enjoy a fully loaded home automation suite that manages lighting, shading, security, entertainment and more in one installation.  

Have you previously installed Control4? We’ll just have to upgrade your software. If you want operating system updates to happen automatically, we can customize that in your settings, too.  

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