Home Networking Upgrades For Reliable Video Conferences

How to Improve Your Wired and Wi-Fi Connections when Working from Home

Turn your home office into a technological marvel by upgrading your home network. More than ever, you need a strong network that accommodates video conferences, file sharing, multiple computers, and even VoIP phone lines. However, if it’s been a while since you updated your network and equipment, you’ll experience the inevitable frustration of slow internet speeds, lagging videos, and even unclear audio.

Fortunately, Electronic Interiors in Rehoboth Beach, DE, performs complete home networking upgrades so you can do business at lightning speeds. Instead of going through the pain of doing it yourself, depend on our experts. Read more to see how we can improve your connection.

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How to Add More Speed to Your Slow Network

One of the first ways to improve your internet speed is to call your ISP (internet service provider). You may not be signed up for the best plan – especially if you still have the same one you had years ago. While a basic internet plan may have been sufficient for you last year, you need more power now that you’re working from home.

When one child is on the phone, another is streaming a movie on a 4K UHD TV, your spouse is browsing the internet, and you are trying to host a conference call, it’s easy for your internet to get bogged down. And with all the Wi-Fi signals bouncing around your house, it makes streaming and internet browsing less than seamless.

Likewise, your router and modem may need an upgrade. New technologies come on the market every year, making older tech obsolete. So, it’s likely your old equipment isn’t able to keep up with advances in the industry. Electronic Interiors can design a robust network that meets your needs. By installing network switches, Wi-Fi access points, routers, and hardwiring some of your equipment, we ensure your network is lightning fast, and your smart home devices work flawlessly.

Two DIY Remedies That Could Work

Where is your router? Behind furniture, in a closet, or tucked away in another location? Router placement has a significant effect on your Wi-Fi signal. Get the best signal by placing your router out in the open. If it’s hidden, the signal will suffer. However, if you’d rather not display your router for all to see, Wi-Fi extenders help to carry the signal further.

Here’s another trick if you’re hosting a video conference, and your network is lagging. Unplug devices that tie up your network. Even when you’re TVs aren’t on, they’re still using bandwidth. Let’s say you are joining an important video conference, but the kids are watching a movie in the home theater. You may need to unplug the TV during the video call. Granted, this is a temporary solution and an inconvenient one at that. Still, it can often do the trick. But what you really need is more bandwidth and speed.

Get the fastest speeds and most reliable connections possible by depending on Electronic Interiors for home networking services. Call us at (302) 827-3909 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.