Secure Your Bethany Beach Home with a Smart Security System

Modern Technology Solutions to Safeguard Your Property 

Technology has changed how we live and work and continues evolving rapidly. Home security is one area that has seen a large transformational shift over the years. Gone are the days of grainy footage and manual locks. Today, homeowners can leverage cutting-edge tools to achieve a new level of home protection that’s easier to manage and more intuitive than ever before. At Electronic Interiors, we’re at the forefront of these technology-driven solutions, ensuring our clients have access to the latest and most effective security tools customized for the unique aspects of coastal living.

Continue reading to explore some of the vital elements of a smart security system for protecting your home at Bethany Beach, DE.

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Smart Home Security: More Than A Burglar Alarm

A Robust Smart Security System Protects Your Home and Family from Multiple Threats

Your security system should do more than send you occasional notifications. An active and robust smart security system brings you peace of mind while protecting your property and loved ones – sending critical information that is valuable to you. Smart home security protects and monitors more than just entry points and the outdoor spaces of your home. It also alerts you to problems such as fire, water leaks, temperature levels and, of course, intruder alerts that you can monitor and verify from your device. 

So, whether you are in your room or on vacation on the other side of the world, you’ll be notified in real-time of what is happening in your home, allowing you to react in time to any danger. A smart security system is more than just security for your home in Bethany Beach, DE; it is protection for your family and what you care about most.

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3 Ways Your Smart Security System Keeps Your Family Safe

Keep Peace of Mind This Winter with These Smart Solutions

If you’re traveling this winter, then leaving your home unoccupied for a certain length of time is most likely a concern for you. How can you rest assured that your property is well-protected while you’re gone?

And what about when you’re home? Your top main priority is your family’s safety. With a top-notch smart security system, you can ensure that your family and Bethany Beach, DE home is are kept safe and sound.

Continue reading to learn more about these smart solutions to keep your property secured at all times!


Smart Automation Features

When your house appears empty, it can seem like a prime target to thieves scoping out places to rob. That’s where Control4’s “Mockupancy” smart feature can take all the worry away from leaving your house unoccupied. This feature turns on your various smart technologies sporadically throughout the day to make it seem as though someone is home.

By setting your system to “Away,” your lights will turn on and off, your shades will raise and lower, and your TV and entertainment center will play at random times. With this illusion that your home is full of life, criminals will steer clear and keep away from breaking in.

Smart Alarms and Sensors

The worst part of being gone from your home is not knowing what’s occurring while you’re away. But smart security alarms and sensors can ease that stress.

From the moment a fire starts or a carbon monoxide leak begins, your respective sensors can detect the smoke or fumes and immediately sound an alarm. The same goes for gas and water leaks so that you won’t return to a wrecked home. Sensors on windows and doors can also sound the safety alarms if there is a break-in or if an intruder is on your property.

If your alarms go off, you will get an instant notification on your smartphone or tablet. Then, depending on the situation, you can set the system to let only you know so that you can handle it, or have it immediately call the appropriate authorities so that they will be sent straight to your house.

These alarms are also helpful if you and your family are home. If a fire happens in the middle of the night, or if there’s a carbon monoxide leak, you can rest assured your sensors and alarms will alert the whole household and keep everyone safe.

Video Surveillance

Keeping an eye on your entire property gets much easier with surveillance cameras installed all around your home. Right from your smartphone, you can view live footage and watch any captured video in real-time – from anywhere in the world.

Your cameras will be able to see any part of your property. You can adjust, tilt, pan, and zoom-in your cameras with just a few presses of a button so that every area and room within your view.

Have motion sensors show you the moment any movement is detected, and have the system alert you so that you can pull up the footage in just a few seconds. If you can’t view something right away, you can save videos to your phone to look at later.

Surveillance cameras make it a breeze to check in on your home’s status at any time and from anywhere – even from your own bedroom. You can check the premises right before going to sleep, and rest knowing that your property is protected and secure.

Want to learn more about keeping your property and family safe at all times? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!