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As School Begins, Protect Your Home with Smart Security

Automated security keeps your Rehoboth Beach, DE, home secure

The start of a new school year can provoke a wide range of emotions. For parents, there’s a sense of relief and a return to routine now that the children aren’t at home all day. For children, a new school year can be exciting or stressful, depending on their feelings and situation. One emotion you shouldn’t be feeling at the school year, however, is anxiety about your home’s security. And yet, a suburban house that’s empty most of the day or an unused vacation home presents a tempting target to burglars.

How do you protect your primary residence or vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, DE? It’s simple: You install a smart home security system from Sound FX. In this blog, we’ll go through some back-to-school safety tips and show you how automation can keep your home and your loved ones safe.

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Hiding a key somewhere outside for emergencies sounds like a good idea, but it’s a security risk not worth taking. If visitors can find it, it’s likely anyone looking to break into your home can also find it. If you insist on using an analog key, give one to a neighbor or your guests before leaving home.

For stronger security, you can install digital smart locks and other automated security systems. Once the locks are installed, you can give any visitors temporary access codes that only they can use. You’ll also be notified whenever someone has used the code. A video doorbell and remote intercom system provide a 24/7 feed of whatever’s outside your door. If someone wants to get inside, you can see who it is, speak with them and then let them inside if you deem it prudent.


While doors and first-floor windows are the most common ways an intruder might try to enter your home, they’re not the only ways inside. Determined intruders may try to break into your garage by spoofing the signal from your garage door opener or something similar. They can also use a ladder to reach second-floor windows.

Smart home security monitors your entire home for complete protection. A network of automated sensors and locks gives you total protection throughout the day. Additionally, you can get real-time updates, and your system can notify you if an intrusion is detected.


It’s important to be able to reach anyone in your home during an emergency. A damaged phone line or poor cell reception can make communication difficult right when you need it most. One way to keep an eye on your home and communicate with kids when they’re home alone is with an intercom system.

Home intercoms are useful not only when you’re at home – no need to yell to get let everyone know dinner’s ready – but also when you’re away. You can call the intercom system from your phone provided the home as has an internet connection. Anyone at home can also call you from the intercom system.

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