Enhance Your Office Atmosphere with Commercial Automation

Ensure Every Presentation and Meeting Goes Well with These Features

Want a way to elevate the mood and boost productivity in your workspace? Commercial automation is the perfection solution for your Fenwick, DE company.

We go through the awesome features you can install in your office and conference rooms that’ll help to keep your place running smoother and more efficiently.

Read on to see how you can transform work for yourself and your employees!

A/V Distribution

Whether you set tunes to play over hidden speakers in the lobby or have TVs set up playing the news – distributed audio video can be a great morale booster for workers.

Not only that, but this technology comes in handy in the conference room. You can execute every presentation with perfection by utilizing the right audio video components.

In those very important meetings, it’s crucial that everything goes off without a hitch. With your system, all you have to do is push a button to lower a screen and turn on a projector.

There’s no need to fumble with plugs or figure out how to adjust the volume – everything is manageable from one centralized source.

Lighting Control System

Brighten your lights to create a perfect, productive atmosphere for everyone. Illuminate the workspace so that no one feels the temptation to fall asleep at his or her desk.

A lighting control system not only helps liven up the space, but can also be beneficial to those presentations and meetings.

When it’s time to begin, one button can turn off the lights in the room. By pairing motorized shades with the system, the same button can lower those shade as well to envelop the room in complete darkness.

Your system can also save you energy. Motion sensors can determine when no one else is in a particular room anymore. Then the sensors will automatically turn off the lights.

When everyone is done for the day, whoever is the last to leave can also easily turn off all the lights at once, and lower every shade, with just a simple press of a button.


Commercial automation is meant to make your time at work easier than ever. Bring that ease to your employees with these superb automated features!

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