Provide Proper Insulation in Your Home for Any Season

Motorized Shades are Essential for Your Space


As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer this winter season, you might find that it’s a struggle to stay nice and warm in your own home.  Your heating system will do its best to keep up, but it may be working harder than it should.

If your home has multiple windows, you’ll find that heat can escape through them and cause your HVAC to work overtime.  Not only that, but your bills will start to skyrocket. So how can you stay warm without hiding under a pile of blankets?

This is where your motorized window shades come into play.  Bringing this smart solution to your Lewes, DE living space can keep you warmer this winter, insulate your home, and regulate its temperature more evenly so that you can carry on with your seasonal festivities as planned.

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Shades Offer Quality Insulation

Your home’s large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows might be stylish and elegant, but they  also make it harder for heat to stay within your house’s walls.

In summer, this glass can increase solar heat gain, make your rooms feel stuffy and hot, and potentially damage furniture or artwork in your interiors. In winter, a significant amount of  heat escapes through those windows, making your HVAC  pump up the heat to keep you warm.

Your motorized shades can keep the heat inside your home throughout the colder seasons.  Shades with denser fabric provide the best insulation, the same way a blanket covering you does. Just as a heavy blanket keeps you warmer, so do heavier curtains and shade materials.

The crucial part of shades doing their job so well is the necessary “gap” between where the window is and how close the shade is installed to it.  That pocket of air creates the needed insulation, by trapping either the heat or the cool air in it.

Some shades, like honeycomb shades, are designed specifically for insulation.  They have their own pleated pockets built into their design, keeping you warm and as well as blending with your existing décor.


Keep Your Internal Temperature the Same

So once you’ve installed your automated shades of choice, how can you ensure your home’s internal temperature is consistent without constantly making adjustments or changes?  After all, these smart solutions are meant to provide convenience and luxury to your daily life.

With installed temperature sensors and a smart thermostat, you can integrate your HVAC and motorized shades with a home automation system so that each smart feature works together.

When your inside temperature drops to an uncomfortable point, your thermostat can raise it just a bit and then alert your shades to lower so that the temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.  This puts less pressure on your heating system and will use your shades to keep you warm throughout the day – all without you lifting a finger.

Your motorized window shades bring insulation to your home in any season.  Want to learn more about this smart solution and how beneficial it is for you all year long?


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