3 Top-Notch Ways to Utilize Your Motorized Shades

This Versatile Smart Technology Transforms Your Space

Looking for a way to elevate your Rehoboth Beach, DE living space with both elegance and efficiency?  Motorized shades are the way to go.

But how can you optimize this awesome smart technology?  In this blog, we go through the many benefits of smart shades and how to put them to great use.  Read on for more!




Change How You Entertain

You can instantly transform the mood of any room just by adjusting its lighting.  And when you’re hosting a dinner party or inviting lots of friends over, you’ll want to make sure a space has the perfect atmosphere.

In your living room or media room, the amount of light you let in can be crucial.  If you have a TV show or game on, you’ll want to keep the room dim by lowering your shades.

With dual shading, you can also install blackout shades to bring down if you’re about to start a movie night.  Your friends and family can enjoy the films in complete darkness, as if they’re watching them in the cinema.

Later, if everyone drifts to another activity in the room or decided to play music, you can let in more light by simply pressing a button.

Your shades will lower or rise exactly when and where you want them to – you can even set “scenes” in your smart home.  For example, when you turn on the TV, your blackout shades can then automatically lower themselves without you even thinking twice.

Increase Your Privacy

Sometimes, the rooms you need the most privacy have lots of windows in them.  Windows are lovely in your bedroom or bathrooms, but when you’d like to conceal them, motorized shades don’t even require you to lift a finger.

Set your shades to lower at certain hours or if you turn on the lights in your bathroom.  Even throughout the house, you can enhance your privacy and security by setting all the shades in your home to lower once the sun sets.

You’ll feel safer, and won’t have to remember on your own to lower the shades before going to bed every evening!

Easy to Control

Not only are your automated shades luxurious, but they also aren’t in the least bit complex to manage.  With just one centralized source, you can operate your system.

Using any smart device, whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or wall panel, you can just press a button and have your shades at your command always.

You don’t ever have to walk over to the shades themselves to manually adjust them or figure out how to move them – your smart device puts all the power in your own hands.


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