Design Smarter, Cleaner Homes With Motorized Window Treatments

The Perfect Way to Blend Function With Style for Homes in the Bethany Beach Region

Builders, architects and designers wanting to make an impact in the luxury home market need to include a variety of smart home features that are increasingly in demand. While custom home theaters and advanced surveillance systems are impressive, they aren’t an interest for every homebuyer and aren’t used daily. Instead, incorporate motorized shades for a smarter, cleaner design.

Not familiar with motorized window treatments? Don’t worry; this blog will show you all the benefits of adding these shades to any homes you’re designing in Delaware’s Bethany Beach region.

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One obvious way installing motorized window treatments helps homeowners is the convenience they offer. Controling shades from a smartphone or another device – without messing with cords and drawstrings – is much simpler than adjusting shades manually. Motorized window treatments also can use automated schedules to lower and raise themselves throughout the day. With the right programming, your customers may never need to adjust a shade manually ever again.

Motorized window treatments are also ideal for windows in hard-to-reach areas. Homeowners can press a button to adjust their shades instead of risking life and limb on a ladder. The convenience of motorized shades also makes them practical for people with physical disabilities or conditions that make manual adjustments a challenge.


Window shades play a crucial role in maintaining the security of any home. Homeowners use shades to hide their possessions and keep potential thieves at bay from looking. If the shades are kept down for too long, though, it’s a sign that nobody’s home.

Motorized window treatments are the model solutions for these security concerns. For everyday use, residents can set their shades to lower when they leave for work and raise when the workday is over. When they’re on vacation, they can program their shades to raise and lower in different rooms to make it look like someone’s still home. And if anybody ever forgets to set the shades, they can do so remotely from their smartphone.


Motorized window treatments are crucial for anyone looking to lower their carbon footprint or reduce their energy usage. Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the frigid depths of winter, homeowners can have their shades adjust to make the best use of whatever sunlight is available. This can be done using temperature sensors and the angle and position of the sun. Another benefit of motorized window treatments is their protection against UV rays. Limiting the UV exposure in a home helps better regulate the temperature and protects furnishings from sun damage.


It’s an unpleasant fact, but dangling cords from blinds and shades are a serious health hazard for children, infants and toddlers especially. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that one child between 7 months and 10 years old dies from window cord strangulation every month.

These health hazards are dramatically reduced with motorized window treatments. There are no cords that could become wrapped around a child’s neck, and the electronics are contained in the shades’ end brackets. Without any cords or electric wires to worry about, parents can be confident that their children and pets are safe.

Motorized window treatments have much to offer builders and designers in Delaware. To learn more, call us at (302) 644-8110 or fill out our online contact form. You can also leave a message for a customer service associate in the chat box in your browser.