Think It’s Too Nice Outside to Watch TV? Think Again.

Upgrade your Outdoor Entertainment with 4K Video

The weather on Delaware’s coast is finally feeling like spring. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies are ahead, and thoughts turn to getting outdoors. But the NBA playoffs are on, and you don’t want to miss the race to the finals.

With an outdoor entertainment system, you can sit back on the patio on Fenwick Island and not miss the game – day or night. Sure, anyone can hook up a TV outside. But with the salty ocean air and the cold Mid-Atlantic winters, you need special TVs if you want them to last.

Our partner SunbriteTV makes TVs that are purpose-built for the outdoors. Read on to learn more about outdoor TV and audio options.


Your TV, like anything that you put outdoors – especially electronics – needs to be able to stand up to the elements. Heat, cold, and humidity – not to mention bugs – can all wreak havoc on electronics.

SunBrite TVs are built to withstand the elements. They employ sealed aluminum casings that keep out bugs and protect against the weather extremes. The TVs are also designed with well-integrated ports to allow for solid cable fits and the ability to plug in streaming devices like a Roku stick.

Do you want 4K resolution? Sunbrite has you covered, offering the Ultra HD resolution in a variety of sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches. Sunbrite offers 4K models designed to be used in full shade to partial sun.

If you want to soak up the sun while watching a Sunday game, there are HD (1080P resolution) full sun models available too. Sunbrite’s outdoor performance is accomplished with special screens that are designed for outdoor light situations, offering superior brightness and reduced glare.

What about sound? You want to hear that game ambiance with the roar of the crowd when there’s a spectacular dunk. While Sunbrite TVs have built-in speakers, you may want some upgraded sound.

One sensible choice is a weatherized sound bar. Similar to indoor models, these sound bars deliver richer audio than TV speakers. Sunbrite’s higher-end models feature the same aluminum construction and protected electronics, and are designed to operate in temperature extremes from -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F!

Looking for even better sound for movies and parties outdoors? Let us show you how to get great outdoor audio with Sonance outdoor speakers and a whole home music system. We can bring the same great audio from inside to your outside space, for both music and movies and TV.

What about more than just broadcast TV or cable outside? We can install an audio and video distribution system powered by a Crestron or Control4 home automation system. That way you can just as easily have the same entertainment sources outside as you do inside, with a single, simple, and customized interface that’s consistent for the whole house.

Want to learn more about putting together the perfect outdoor entertainment system?

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