Do you want to add motorized shades to your home in Lewes, DE? Learn how battery-operated shades from Lutron add convenience and beauty to your home.

Go Wireless with Lutron’s Battery-Operated Motorized Shades

Lutron’s Serena and Sivoia Models Offer Flexibility and Room-Enhancing Appeal 

Few things offer more convenience and seamless control in your home than motorized shades. With the press of a button or icon on your smart tablet, you enjoy effortless command of your window treatments – with no need to mess with cords and rods. Best of all, you can easily raise and lower all the blinds in a room or your entire home at the same time.  

Battery-operated shades from Lutron make it even easier to install window treatments anywhere in your home. Electronic Interiors gives you perfect natural light control without the need for hardwiring. What’s even better is that Lutron’s Serena and Sivoia shades come in many designs and colors to suit the design motif in your Lewes, DE, home. Keep reading to discover more!   Read more