Disaster-Proof Your Delaware House with Smart Home Security

Protect Your House from Hurricanes, Floods, Gas Leaks, and Fires

In a natural disaster, any warning ranges from helpful to lifesaving. Usually, we feel out of control when it comes to freezing pipes, floods, or gas leaks. But with a modern home automation system, disaster sensors can let you know immediately if something is wrong.

How? We’ll share all the ways smart home security can save your Rehoboth Beach, DE, home from catastrophes.  

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Prevent Water Damage

Water is one of the most common causes of property damage, and just as it’s essential to have smoke detectors, a leak detector can save your household from misery. Smart leak sensors can be integrated into your home automation system like Control4 to check on from the same app as your audio, TV, thermostats, and security camera controls. The best locations to install leak sensors include the laundry room, the bathroom, under any sinks, in the water heater closet, and the basement. If water starts to overflow, you’ll be notified right to your smartphone.

Catch Gas Leaks Immediately

Similarly, a natural gas detector can instantly alert your system if it catches carbon monoxide or explosive gas in the air. The instant alert to your phone could be lifesaving, and you’ll be grateful for the peace of mind your smart security system provides. A technology integrator can help install these devices into one easy-to-use system.

Smart HVAC Control

You can also swiftly control your home’s heating and cooling from the same application on your phone, tablet, or wall control panel. Even if you’re hundreds of miles away, you can check on your house’s HVAC system and adjust the temperature, turning off the AC if it was accidentally left on. Climate control can help in winter too, and the ability to remotely shut off your water valve could save you from freezing pipes if you’re away for the season.

Check In Right Away

If you do receive a notification from your smart system and you aren’t home, you can combine the effort with home surveillance cameras to make sure everything’s okay. Whether it’s a flood or fire alert, you can assess the situation in minutes and notify local authorities if you see a problem.

Ready to upgrade your home’s security and incorporate disaster sensors? Now’s the time to protect your home. Contact Electronic Interiors for service in the Rehoboth Beach, DE area.

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