Boost Your Next Vacation with Your Favorite Entertainment

Invest in a Custom Audio Video Installation for Your Vacation Home

Vacations are all about relaxing and having fun, so why skimp when it comes to your vacation home’s entertainment? From music streaming to state-of-the-art media rooms, we can turn your Bethany Beach property into the perfect escape for your family. A professional audio video distribution system makes it easy for you to get easy access to your favorite movies, TV shows, and music. To check out the benefits of a professional entertainment system in your vacation home, keep reading.

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Embrace the Comforts of Home

We’ve all been through it. When you’re at someone else’s house, it’s impossible to figure out how to work their entertainment systems. There are multiple remotes, and you never know which to use to get what you want whether it’s watching a football game or starting a Netflix marathon.

Our audio video distribution systems are designed to be as intuitive as possible. From a dedicated touchpad or mobile app, you can pick out what you want to watch and where you want it to play. Don’t believe us? Get a feel for it with our Control4 tutorials! By working with us on all your properties, you can deal with the same controls all year long.

Take Advantage of Streaming

The great thing about streaming is that it lets you take your favorite entertainment with you wherever you go. You don’t have to load up your Blu-rays or CDs when you head out on vacation. Everything will be there ready for you when you make it to your vacation home. Through Sonos wireless speaker systems and AV receivers with Wi-Fi capabilities, we make it easy to access all your streaming services.
Sit down and relax in your media room to watch the latest Netflix release or create dedicated vacation playlists on Spotify that you can pull up directly from your phone. By incorporating streaming services into a professional audio and video distribution system, it’s never been easier to stay entertained no matter where you are.

Take Your Entertainment Outdoors

Of course, you didn’t head down to your vacation home in Bethany Beach to be cooped up indoors. You can enjoy the great view and breeze from your waterfront property on your pool or patio while listening to your favorite music through special outdoor Sonance speakers. Add some SunbriteTVs so you can watch the Eagles or put on a cartoon for the kids when they’re splashing around in the pool.

Boost Your Rental Value

When you’re trying to rent out your property in the winter, a professional home entertainment system is a great way to entice people. They may not want to spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold weather, so giving them access to movies, music, TV shows and more can make a huge difference. They can enjoy all the same perks your family does from intuitive control to access to their favorite streaming services. You can also include several iPort stations so they can connect their iPads or iPhones to listen to music.

An added perk of having a professional audio and video distribution system in place is that you can create a more elegant environment for high-end renters. All wires are discreetly hidden behind walls. You can manage the system from a sleek touchpad, and you can show off the latest audio and video technology to give off a great first impression and encourage return visits.

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