Product Spotlight: Crestron’s TSR-310 Remote

How One Remote Can Help You Control Your Entire Home

When thinking about how you manage the systems in your home, you probably conjure up images of different switches, knobs, and remotes. Turning on the lights? That can involve multiple switches. Adjusting the volume on your speakers? There’s a knob for that. Imagine having one device that allows you to control everything — your entertainment system, lighting, security, and more. That’s what Crestron’s TSR-310 remote aims to do.

Here are some of the top highlights of the TSR-310 remote and why you should hire a Crestron dealer to help you learn about Crestron solutions for your Bethany Beach, DE, home.

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Crestron is one of the top leaders in the smart home automation space, and they’ve built their TSR-310 remote to leverage the power of Crestron’s Pyng® OS 2 system. The Pyng® OS 2 brings the best Crestron products — such as its audio, video, motorized shades, and climate control — together in a whole home solution and provides an unparalleled user experience.

For example, Crestron lets you make customized lighting scenes for all the occasions in your life. If you’d like to host dinner parties this summer, and want to use lights that produce the perfect ambiance, you can create that scene within your Crestron system and activate it with a touch of a button. This is just one of many features that are accessible through the TSR-310 remote.

TSR-310 Remote

TSR-310 is unlike many remotes before it. It has an elegant, ergonomic design with an HVGA capacitive color touchscreen interface. The remote’s interface makes for smooth scrolling — and all you need to do is tap to select what you want to activate or adjust.

Families will also love TSR-310. Although it has an elegant design, it’s also engineered for durability — which is important for families with children. The designers ruggedized the remote so it’s strong, yet ultra comfortable in your hand for hours. Its built-in accelerometer provides movement sensors so that whenever you pick the remote up or move it, it’s always ready for use. When you’re finished using it, you can easily place it on its table dock charger, which will occupy minimal space and allow your remote to be fully operational while charging.

For those who already have a Crestron home and are running Crestron Pyng® OS 2, you can add TSR-310 to your system easily. Here at Electronic Interiors, we’re a proud Crestron dealer and can get you your TSR-310 and help set it up in your home. If you’re new to Crestron and want to find out more, Electronic Interiors is here to answer all your questions.

Give us a call today — we can’t wait to hear from you!

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