A smart home can tell you if something is amiss or someone is on the property. Our sensors look for trouble and report to you in a text message, email or even a call. We can incorporate water sensors to alert you if key areas such as under the dishwasher, in bathrooms, and near water pipes in the basement leak or burst. Other sensors detect temperature swings, both high and low. It’s equally problematic if your air conditioning breaks while you are out of town, as when the heat stops working and pipes freeze.  From driveway alerts to camera motion activity or even the doorbell push, you can know before someone even gets close to your front door.

Rural homes and larger properties tend to offer privacy, with more distance between one house and the next, but they present unique security challenges as well. If you have a long driveway that isn’t visible from the front windows, you may not know a car has entered your property until that driver is on your front porch.  Smart Magnetic sensors can be an excellent way to know what’s going on at the end of your driveway before a car first enters your property.  Once triggered, you get an alert via text or email that a vehicle just entered.  If at home, have the music mute automatically and briefly play a customized chime so you are notified.

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