Movies are a unique medium; it is an art form that incorporates all of our senses in the act of storytelling. Film has grown into the most meaningful art form, a universal vocabulary transcending borders. There is a sort of mysticism in a medium that can make us cry, laugh, shriek in horror, and cheer with gusto – often in the same moment.  Francis Ford Coppola expressed it succinctly: “I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.”

While a great movie can move you in any format, the act of watching in a movie house enhances the experience. A big part of the enchantment is the experience of the cinema itself, but most theaters have shut down until further notice. You’ll be happy to learn that the excitement and feeling of an escapade can be brought to your Bethany Beach, DE home with expert home theater design.

Eager to learn more about installing the ultimate home theater in your home? Read more below!

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Studio Movies Direct to You

There is no better time to add a home theater to your smart home. Recent announcements by major studios that first-run movies playing in cinemas will be simultaneously released for streaming at home. In addition, many streaming services have announced feature-length films for release in 2021. The distribution model has changed, providing you with the opportunity to have the full movie theater experience at home.

Relevance of the Room 

Technology is a large part of the immersive experience, but it all starts with the room itself. While a media room brings quality viewing with superb video and audio, the world’s distractions are still present.

A home theater gives you space to fully embrace the moment.  Whether you are looking to recreate the look of vintage movie palaces or more modern minimalism, all of the elements are a combination of fashion and function.

The acoustics of a room are essential to maximizing the audio system output. We take great care in ensuring that there is the right mix of sound damping and reflection.  Unwanted echoes, vibrations, and other artifacts are eliminated, ensuring every seat in the house is the best seat.

Smart lighting adds the final touch by adding ambiance, highlighting decor, and furnishing the right amount of indirect illumination.

Sound and Vision

It has been said that a great film can convey its story without sound. While this may be true, audio adds the most encompassing elements. A well designed and calibrated surround sound system envelops you in the moment. Audio ties you to the emotion and drama, placing you in the center of the action.  Every nuance and incidental noise get reproduced, fading the barrier between the world on-screen and our own.

The projector and specialized screen bring the video to life with an awe-inspiring 4K ultra high-definition video. Millions of pixels, an infinite color spectrum, and reality shattering depth of field transport you into the story. Modern home theaters also reproduce the widescreen presentations of major films. Fill your screen with the full cinemascope like images without the irritating black bars framing other formats.

Assured Access

Being enthralled by the moment does not mean you have to be completely disconnected. All of your smart home security, monitoring, and controls are available at the touch of a button. With access to your security alerts and climate controls, you can watch with the confidence that all is well in your home – right from your couch.

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