Go Wireless with Lutron’s Battery-Operated Motorized Shades

Lutron’s Serena and Sivoia Models Offer Flexibility and Room-Enhancing Appeal 

Few things offer more convenience and seamless control in your home than motorized shades. With the press of a button or icon on your smart tablet, you enjoy effortless command of your window treatments – with no need to mess with cords and rods. Best of all, you can easily raise and lower all the blinds in a room or your entire home at the same time.  

Battery-operated shades from Lutron make it even easier to install window treatments anywhere in your home. Electronic Interiors gives you perfect natural light control without the need for hardwiring. What’s even better is that Lutron’s Serena and Sivoia shades come in many designs and colors to suit the design motif in your Lewes, DE, home. Keep reading to discover more!  

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The Beauty & Luxury of Serena Shades 

Who needs wires? Serena shades are smart enough to operate without strings, rods, and external electrical wiring. That means it’s not necessary to cut into your walls to connect the system to a power source. Also, the high-performing battery lasts for years (depending on the degree of use). Install them wherever you want and control them from anywhere – your home or another part of the world – with your smart device. 

Available in insulating honeycomb and roller styles, Serena’s motorized window treatments come in a wide variety of fabric colors, designs, and textures. You’ll enjoy complete design customization to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your rooms. The shades also offer light-filtering, blackout, and sheer features.  

Not only will you enjoy seamless control of your shades via a smart home tablet, but these ultra-quiet window coverings work directly with Google Assistant. So, you can say, “Hey Google, close my bedroom shades,” and the system responds! Battery-operated, smart, and beautiful – what’s not to love about Serena shades?  

Flexible and Fashionable Sivoia Shades 

If you’re building a home, then installing hardwired shades is an ideal solution. But what if you live in a home without the hardwiring in place? The Sivoia QX Triathlon offers a flexible and fashionable option. This reliable and automated shading system is battery-powered and perfect for retrofit and remodeling projects.  

Available in honeycomb, roller, and wood blinds styles, the Sivoia is designed to work with any space. Whether you need a standalone setup for a guest house or detached garage, or you want a system that includes shades in all your rooms, you can control each and every shade with the touch of a button.  

In addition, Sivoia shades integrate beautifully with your Lutron home lighting control system. That means you can seamlessly control your home’s lighting and shades to strike the perfect balance of artificial and natural light – creating the look and feel you want in every room.  

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