What’s So Special About Motorized Window Treatments?

Learn Why Motorized Shades Are a Smart, Stylish, and Energy-Saving Choice

If you want a smart home, but you don’t know where to begin, start with your windows. They offer an excellent blank canvas for home automation. But first, you need to get rid of your old shades, blinds, and window treatments. Don’t worry. You’ll be glad you did. Upgrading to smart window treatments is something you will not regret. You’ll enjoy complete light control and much, much more!

For example, when you press a button on the shade remote or your smart home tablet, they operate automatically. It’s so simple, sleek, and enjoyable. Read more to learn how motorized window treatments improve the comfort of your home in Bethany Beach, DE.

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A Smart Choice

Even if you don’t have a robust Control4 home automation system right now, you still use smart home technologies every day. By touching a button, you control your TV, phone, and other touchscreen-enabled devices. Like it or not, smart technology is taking over the world. But that’s a good thing! It makes our lives easier and more luxurious.

Motorized window treatments offer the convenience you want as you move toward having a smarter home. Using a remote, wall keypad, tablet, or mobile app, you can operate all the shades and blinds in a room or throughout your house. The best part is this: you won’t have to get out of your seat to do it! No maneuvering around the furniture to adjust the blinds, and no frustration with tangled cords. Simply touch a button, and they obey your command.

Don’t want to think about your shades at all? No problem. Program them to operate automatically based on schedules or light control sensors. This is a convenient feature if you’re away from home for an extended period. While you’re gone, the shades raise and lower at the appropriate times, making it look your home is occupied. It’s an effective addition to your security system. Since they are smart, if you’d like to control them when you’re not at home, open up the app on your phone, and adjust them accordingly.

A Stylish Addition

Sometimes, small home improvements have a big effect. That’s certainly the case with motorized window treatments. Today’s smart blinds and shades come in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and price points. Once you find the perfect product, you’ll certainly have the “wow” factor in your rooms. Not only do they blend in beautifully with your décor, but motorized window treatments also operate quietly and smoothly – giving your home a sophisticated look.

Do you want blackout shades for your home theater? Maybe you’ve been considering motorized wood blinds for your living room. How about blocking harmful UV rays with solar shades in your sunroom or a west-facing room? Your choices are virtually endless. There are even outdoor shades that are perfect for a patio. When the weather is wonderful, leave them up. If it’s raining or snowing, close them to create another room for you and your family to enjoy.

A Comfortable Solution

The winters in the north get quite cold. Even though your windows may be well insulated, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra layer of protection. Certain smart window treatments are designed to keep warm air in and cold air out. Because they are customized to fit your window precisely, they eliminate gaps that allow cold air to enter your living area. In fact, cellular shades consist of individual cells that “trap” cold air, providing more insulation for your home.

So, you’ll not only have a more comfortable living space, but you’ll see a drop in your energy bill. Energy.gov reports that cellular shades reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more. That equates to approximately 20% heating energy savings. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your budget to consider motorized window treatments?

Make the smart choice by installing smart window treatments in your home. Get started by calling Electronic Interiors at 302-827-3909 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.