Upgrade Your Lighting Control System With Motorized Window Treatments

Maximize Your Home Lighting With Smart Shades and Blinds 

A gorgeous home includes all sorts of elements from architecture, functional spaces that flow together seamlessly, and unique details and artistry. Lighting alone plays a critical role in creating a look and feel that highlights your home’s attractive features. But in addition to shedding light on the aesthetics, it also can contribute to the mental wellbeing of everyone in your home. This is why controlling your home lighting system is essential to achieving the environment you not only want but need. One way to achieve this balance in your Rehoboth, DE, home is by integrating motorized window treatments into your lighting control system. 

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Energy Savings You Can See 

A well-designed home has plenty of windows. They welcome the beauty of natural lighting, as well as a lovely view of your property. However, they can also allow too much light or heat to enter your home. Thanks to modern innovations, like smart shades, homeowners no longer have to rely solely on the location of their windows to control lighting and heat in their homes. Smart window blinds can shade and insulate your home during hot summer days while adjusting to provide more warmth and light during the winter months.  

Convenience by Touching a Screen  

One of the most attractive features of motorized window treatments is convenience. For example, let’s say you are relaxing with your family, but the late afternoon sun is putting a glare on the television. Instead of wrestling with manual blinds that never seem to close correctly, you can adjust them from your remote or touchscreen. In seconds, you open your home automation app on your device and change your blinds’ lighting control settings. Then, you have just enough sunlight but can also continue to enjoy your show without the irritating glare.  

Creating an Atmosphere with Shading  

Most of us love natural lighting. It improves our mood and gives us natural task lighting that is also energy efficient. This is why most modern home designs try to get as much natural lighting into a home as possible. But daylighting design can be complicated sometimes. Detailed measurements are needed for some buildings, like schools and hospitals. But when it comes to your space at home, deciding how much light is entirely up to you. With manual shading, this means moving from room to room, adjusting blinds at various times of the day. However, motorized shades can be controlled remotely. So, you can let in just the right amount of light and give your home the exact ambiance you want.  

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