Wake Up to Blissful Mornings with a Control4 System

Learn How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Morning Routine

Technology and mornings may not sound like a healthy or beneficial combination. After all, aren’t we supposed to refrain from looking at our phones when we first wake up? But with the automated effects of a smart home system like Control4, your routine will start for you without needing to even look at your phone screen.

As a Control4 dealer in Rehoboth, DE, we’re familiar with the many ways automation can enhance our lifestyles. To experience less of a struggle when you start your day, learn more below!

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Design Smarter, Cleaner Homes With Motorized Window Treatments

The Perfect Way to Blend Function With Style for Homes in the Bethany Beach Region

Builders, architects and designers wanting to make an impact in the luxury home market need to include a variety of smart home features that are increasingly in demand. While custom home theaters and advanced surveillance systems are impressive, they aren’t an interest for every homebuyer and aren’t used daily. Instead, incorporate motorized shades for a smarter, cleaner design.

Not familiar with motorized window treatments? Don’t worry; this blog will show you all the benefits of adding these shades to any homes you’re designing in Delaware’s Bethany Beach region.

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Motorized Shades vs. Manual Blinds: What’s the Difference?

What You Need to Know About Automated Shading

Shades let you take control of your home’s natural lighting. From letting in the natural sunlight to blocking out the harsh rays – to saving energy by creating insulation – you can transform a space with blinds. But often times, many homeowners don’t take advantage of their manual shading because of the added effort it requires.

Lowering the blinds by hand and raising them back up throughout the day just isn’t convenient and doesn’t fit into your routine. Plus, what about those hard-to-reach shades covering your beautiful bay windows or skylights?

In this blog, we’ll dive into motorized window shades and how they can elevate your entire Lewes, DE, living space. Bring luxury to your daily life with this integrated solution – find out more!


Offer Luxurious Convenience

Taking the time to roll down your manual shades and blinds can feel like more effort than it’s worth. You might struggle to get the ride side of your blinds down, or not be able to reach it at all – resulting in frustration and leaving you with an unraised or lowered shade that you didn’t want.

So imagine operating your shades with just a push of a button. Motorized shading makes this a reality. You may not realize just how much convenience and luxury this smart solution adds to your everyday life. Using a smart device, whether it’s your smartphone, wall keypad, remote, touchpad, or tablet, you can raise or lower your shades with ease – and in mere seconds.

Now you can enjoy the views that your home’s windows offer at any moment with zero hassle. No need to keep adjusting the blinds just right to ensure they’re all the way rolled up – your automated shades do all the work.

With installed photosensors, your shades can also know to roll down when the sun is shining directly into your home. There a variety of shade materials and patterns to choose from, even ones with sheer fabrics that let you still enjoy a view without the harmful sun rays shining into the room.

Protect Your Valuables

By having your shades automatically lower when the sunlight is directly hitting your interiors, you can protect your home from UV rays that could permanently damage your delicate artwork and antique furniture.

Your sensors will let your shades know when to lower and when it’s okay to raise back up again. These will keep your personal items and valuables safe from the sun when it’s at its most intense. And you won’t have to worry about figuring out when that is. Your shades will respond accordingly, so you don’t have to mess with the blinds yourself.

This is also beneficial for when you’re about to watch a movie and then the sun brings a harsh glare across your 4K television. With dual shading, your media room’s sheer shades can raise up, and your blackout shades can lower to envelop you in darkness – perfect for a movie viewing. It’s the best of both worlds with your automated window treatments.

Save Energy

Motorized shades aren’t just great for convenience and comfort – they can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. During any season, your shades can provide the necessary insulation for your home.

With an “air gap” created between the shade and the window when it’s installed, you can keep your home cool or warmed up, depending on the time of year. Pair your shades with your smart thermostat, and any time there is a change in degrees, your shades can know to lower or raise and balance out the internal temperatures. This keeps your HVAC from overworking and saves energy and money.

Honeycomb shades have built-in air gaps and are perfect for insulation while adding a traditional appearance to any room. During the summer, you can also use roller blinds with silver backing to reflect the sunlight away from your interiors – keeping your home cool and comfortable. Want to learn more about why motorized window shades are superior to manual ones? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

Provide Proper Insulation in Your Home for Any Season

Motorized Shades are Essential for Your Space


As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer this winter season, you might find that it’s a struggle to stay nice and warm in your own home.  Your heating system will do its best to keep up, but it may be working harder than it should.

If your home has multiple windows, you’ll find that heat can escape through them and cause your HVAC to work overtime.  Not only that, but your bills will start to skyrocket. So how can you stay warm without hiding under a pile of blankets?

This is where your motorized window shades come into play.  Bringing this smart solution to your Lewes, DE living space can keep you warmer this winter, insulate your home, and regulate its temperature more evenly so that you can carry on with your seasonal festivities as planned.

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Shades Offer Quality Insulation

Your home’s large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows might be stylish and elegant, but they  also make it harder for heat to stay within your house’s walls.

In summer, this glass can increase solar heat gain, make your rooms feel stuffy and hot, and potentially damage furniture or artwork in your interiors. In winter, a significant amount of  heat escapes through those windows, making your HVAC  pump up the heat to keep you warm.

Your motorized shades can keep the heat inside your home throughout the colder seasons.  Shades with denser fabric provide the best insulation, the same way a blanket covering you does. Just as a heavy blanket keeps you warmer, so do heavier curtains and shade materials.

The crucial part of shades doing their job so well is the necessary “gap” between where the window is and how close the shade is installed to it.  That pocket of air creates the needed insulation, by trapping either the heat or the cool air in it.

Some shades, like honeycomb shades, are designed specifically for insulation.  They have their own pleated pockets built into their design, keeping you warm and as well as blending with your existing décor.


Keep Your Internal Temperature the Same

So once you’ve installed your automated shades of choice, how can you ensure your home’s internal temperature is consistent without constantly making adjustments or changes?  After all, these smart solutions are meant to provide convenience and luxury to your daily life.

With installed temperature sensors and a smart thermostat, you can integrate your HVAC and motorized shades with a home automation system so that each smart feature works together.

When your inside temperature drops to an uncomfortable point, your thermostat can raise it just a bit and then alert your shades to lower so that the temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.  This puts less pressure on your heating system and will use your shades to keep you warm throughout the day – all without you lifting a finger.

Your motorized window shades bring insulation to your home in any season.  Want to learn more about this smart solution and how beneficial it is for you all year long?


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Two New Ways to Control Your Home’s Lights

Discover the Versatility of Smart Lighting Control

Smart lighting control offer homeowners plenty of features to celebrate. One of our favorite features are all the convenient ways to adjust your lighting. In this article, we’ll highlight two specific control tools that will not only make your life easier but will also help you save on monthly electricity bills. If you’re considering adding smart lighting to your Fenwick Island, DE area home, you may want to pay attention. Continue reading to discover more.


Sensors allow your lights to act on their own to intuit your needs and wants. There are a few different types of sensors that track particular features in the room and adjust your lighting based on that. To make things clearer, here are a few examples: motion detectors and solar sensors.


Motion detectors will turn on lights in the room when someone enters the room. Then, after a suitable amount of time, the lights will go off. This is an excellent way to save energy. They work well in rooms like bathrooms that are commonly occupied but only for short periods of time.


Solar sensors track the amount of sunlight that is entering the room. If you have a room with a lot of windows, the room’s light can be at the mercy of whatever’s happening outside. By utilizing dimmers, solar sensors change the lighting levels depending on the sun. Adding motorized shades can help you manage the amount of sunlight entering your room for complete control over the lighting levels.


Most of us run on some kind of consistent schedule–especially during the workweek. Scenes are a great way to save time and keep your lights on your schedule. Scenes group commonly used light settings, so that you can recreate the same lighting scene at the touch of a button.


For instance, when you wake up in the morning, just select the “Morning” scene to turn on your bedroom lights and illuminate the pathway to the bathroom and the kitchen. Then when you’re leaving for work, select the “Work” scene that will turn off all these lights. You won’t have to walk throughout the whole house to make sure that you’re saving energy.


A whole home automation system, like one from Crestron or Control4, allows you to add other technologies to your scenes. For instance, your “Work” scene could also power down all other electronics, and close the shades to prevent sun damage.


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Smart lighting control means simpler management of your home’s lighting. These are only two of the ways you’ll be able to make your lighting work for you, make your day easier, and save energy. Contact us to learn more or get started on your next project.