Wake Up to Blissful Mornings with a Control4 System

Learn How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Morning Routine

Technology and mornings may not sound like a healthy or beneficial combination. After all, aren’t we supposed to refrain from looking at our phones when we first wake up? But with the automated effects of a smart home system like Control4, your routine will start for you without needing to even look at your phone screen.

As a Control4 dealer in Rehoboth, DE, we’re familiar with the many ways automation can enhance our lifestyles. To experience less of a struggle when you start your day, learn more below!

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More Morning Light

Who doesn’t love to awaken to a golden sunrise peeping through the window? But if you’re like most people, you lower your shades at night for privacy and wake up to a dim bedroom. With automated shades connected to your Control4 system, you can schedule the blinds to automatically rise in the morning. The quiet motors shouldn’t disturb your sleep, and you’ll open your eyes to serene morning light.

You can take morning light a step further with smart lighting incorporated in your Control4 system. Your home’s lightbulbs will automatically shift to morning time hues, with a color temperature that mimics the sunrise, followed by midday light. The brighter color will energize your mind and will fill your room as natural light does. Warmer bulbs are suitable for nighttime but will make you still feel groggy in the morning,

Soft Morning Tunes  

Listening to music in the morning inspires us to have a positive day. Whether it’s soft folk music, nature sounds, or hip hop, you’ll take on the mood of the playlist and bring relaxation or pep into your step. But if you overslept and are in a rush, you might not think to turn on your speaker system. Luckily, your automated system will start playing music automatically alongside your lights and shades, at a low enough volume not to startle you. You’ll find yourself in a lively mood before the day has even started!

The Right Temperature

Living in Delaware, we know that for some mornings, it’s just too cold to get out of bed. Later this year, it will be so hot that our energy will be drained before we’ve even brushed our teeth. Let your home automatically set itself to the perfect temperature through a smart thermostat. Your morning setting will automatically adjust the house to a comfortable temperature, so you won’t have to stumble out of bed to crank the heat or AC up.

Automatic Coffee Pot

Take the automated morning a step further with a smart coffee pot. Your cup of joe will be ready and waiting for you by the time you leave the shower, and you’ll be on your way to work with a much-needed caffeine fix. You can set a weekly schedule from your phone and receive reminders to set your coffee for the next morning, so you’ll never be without that cup in the a.m.

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