Add a Touch of Style with Motorized Shades

Expand the Reach of Your Interior Décor with a Smart Shading Solution

The sun is both the living space blessing and the interior design curse. Wanting the sun to light up your family room in the morning, leads to a hefty task when attempting to simply lower or shift your blinds later in the day. Choosing particular shades also affects your décor and style. Now, however, you won’t have to compromise. With Lutron motorized window treatments, you won’t have to sacrifice taste for competence. We’ve listed below the many benefits of installing motorized shades in your Lewes, DE home, and the differences they can make in your daily life.

Keep it Natural

There’s nothing quite like a sun-filled room, midafternoon in the quiet hours of the day. Many fear in leaving their shades open too long will damage their beautiful furniture and delicate artwork. But forgetting to shut the blinds should be the last thing on your mind. With motorized shading, sensors will realize when intense sunlight is directly entering through the windows and will trigger the shades to lower or close. Your décor will be safe from harm, and you can enjoy the natural light during the best hours of the day.


Don’t be Afraid of Heights

These days, modern home have spectacularly high ceilings, with expansive wall space and often – floor-to-ceiling windows. A sight to behold, but perhaps you dread each time the sun shines through them, and it becomes a tricky game to figure out how to close the shades without climbing a ladder. With mobile apps and remotes, using motorized shades on your lofty windows will easily put the control back into your hands. Use your phone, tablet, or any other smart control device, and soon your living space will be appealing both visually and practically.

More Style, More Versatility

Motorized shades don’t have to be a blanket style one-for-all. We offer an abundance of fabrics and patterns to choose from, and the option to mix and match to your desire. Dual shades allow you to combine a set of sheer shades with blackout ones, giving you the look you wish for, but also the pragmatic option you need. Your shades can be effective and practical, while still stylistic.

Sit Back and Enjoy the View

Reducing solar glare in your home is made easy with motorized shades. Setting the shades to automatically lower and close during certain times of the day already helps to this effect. But by choosing a specific color, placement, and openness, you can make your shades even more proficient. Every option is suited for you, and what is best for your home and family. When you aren’t worrying about solar glare, you can spend more time relishing in the view your gorgeous windows display.

Motorized Shades can give the elegance and efficiency to run your Delaware home with ease. Learn more by contacting us at (302) 644-8110 or online through our contact page.