Set the Mood in Your Restaurant or Bar with a Crestron System

Give Your Customers an Experience to Remember

When visitors arrive at your Rehoboth Beach, DE restaurant or bar, what will be their initial impression? Before their food or drinks arrive at the table, will your space’s ambiance ease them into a cheerful mood? Will they already have a good feeling about the night?

As important as a great menu is, the atmosphere of your eatery is just as crucial. With a Crestron system, there are many creative ways to customize your restaurant’s scenery. How? Find out below!

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A smart system like Crestron can take your lights from simple on/off switches to a work of art. From your smartphone, tablet, or a wall-mounted control panel, you’ll be able to set scenes and schedules for every lighting fixture. Tunable lights allow you to adjust the brightness and color temperature of your LED bulbs. You can set your entire restaurant’s lamps to gradually adjust throughout the day. At dinnertime, schedule the lights to a dim, warm appearance for cozy “mood lighting.” After nine or ten, arrange for the lights to transition to colorful lounge hues that will inspire cocktail orders and fun conversations. And at the end of the night, schedule your smart lights to turn off automatically so that no bulbs are accidentally left on. You won’t even have to think about it!


The next ingredient for the perfect atmosphere? Music! With Crestron, you can control each speaker individually or collectively right from the app. Raise the volume for the entire restaurant’s speaker system, choose a different playlist, or skip to the next track. Remember your lounge lighting that activates late at night? Set your late-night playlist to start playing then, too. A smart system makes it simple to control your media, so you’ll never have to encounter awkward dead-air in the restaurant.


Whether you run a sports bar with the game playing on multiple screens or use interactive displays for menus, a Crestron system makes managing numerous screens easier. You can turn every TV on in one press of a button, and at closing, turn them all off at once. Sync the same media to each display in a matter of seconds, so that you can focus on other business affairs. If the game ended and something sub-par is now on, your customers will be grateful when you quickly switch every screen to another channel.

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