Bring Your Family Together with Multi-Room Audio

More Music Means Better Moods & More Time Spent Together

The family’s all home. Mom’s in the living room, reading a book. The kids are all in their bedrooms. Dad just took the dog on a walk and is scrolling through news articles. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring everyone together to create lasting memories? 

Many of us may not think of audio as an integral part of our homes. But did you know that listening to music out loud is proven to improve relationships? Why not unite your family and have more fun with multi-room audio? Controlled right from your phone, you’ll share moments with music more than ever, and won’t have to be contained to one room.

Below we share the benefits of multi-room audio and how it can uplift your Fenwick Island, DE daily life.

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Improve the Mood

In 2016, Sonos and Apple surveyed 30,000 households to learn how listening to music out loud influences us. It turns out that with music on in the house, people felt 12% less jittery, 24% less irritable, and 25% more inspired. With music wafting through every room and easy to control from one place, it brings a liveliness to the home. Two-thirds of participants found chores more enjoyable with music on. Plus, families who listened to music out loud ate more meals together than those who did not.

Brings Us Together

The study also used Apple watches, iBeacons, and motion-activated cameras in thirty households to measure how music brings us together. The results? Families that listened to music together spent an average of 3 hours and 13 minutes more together than usual. Participants got 12% closer in proximity to each other while their home’s speakers were on, and those who listened to music were 85% more likely to invite guests over in the past week. It’s not quite a surprise that romance also improves while music is played aloud in the home.

How Multi-Room Audio Works

By installing speakers through your house, you can connect them all to one smart system that’s wirelessly accessible from your phone, tablet, or voice assistant. You can opt for high-end floor-standing speakers, recessed in-wall and win-ceiling speakers, or smaller bookshelf models. And with weatherproof speakers, you can bring whole home audio to your backyard, too. Change the track in different rooms, then merge all speakers to the same song. So, whether it’s swing music or ‘90s R&B over the stereo, it will soundtrack daily life to make even the most mundane moments feel like a movie.

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