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A Smart Home System Isn’t Complete without These 4 Technologies

Enjoy convenient control and functionality over your home with these smart integrations 

What’s it like to live a luxurious lifestyle? Chances are you probably already have an idea! Whether you live in a luxury custom home now or you dream of owning one, there’s one thing that takes the experience to the next level: smart home technology. But not just that – a complete smart home system!

With smart technologies flooding the market every day, which ones should you start with? Better yet, which technologies ensure you have the luxury experience you need? The following four technologies contribute to elevating your lifestyle and comfort. They provide optimal control, functionality, and convenience.

Read on to learn about the top four features that are must-haves for your home in Fenwick Island, DE. 

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1. Motorized Window Treatments

Window treatments are a part of every home. After all, they add style to a home, as well as privacy. But if you want to enjoy a truly luxurious home, forget about manual shades and blinds! 

Instead of manually rolling the shades up or down, you can control them with a single press of your fingers. Depending on the manufacturer, shades can be controlled via remotes, mobile phones, touch interface control panels, and sleek wall switches. In addition, motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close according to your schedule, offering hands-free home automation. 

2. Lighting Control System

Lights perform many functions besides illuminating a dark space. A lighting system also allows you to set scenes according to an event or to create a mood. Whether you want multi-colored lights to throw a party or dim, warm hues for a relaxing environment, in a matter of moments, you can change the atmosphere of a space.

Lighting also enhances the aesthetics of your home, both indoors and outdoors. Landscape lighting adds curb appeal, while indoor lights feature artwork and bring other decorative elements into the limelight. Like shades, lighting can also be scheduled to run automatically according to your everyday routine. 

3. Distributed AV 

Home automation technologies aren’t only limited to lighting and shading. Home entertainment is also an integral component that every luxury space needs. Distributed AV, home theaters, and media rooms are some of the most popular home entertainment solutions today. For instance, with distributed AV, you can watch movies and stream audio in every part of the house, including outdoor spaces. 

Whether you want to stream the same content throughout your home or play different media in every room, both options will be available to you. 

4. Home Security 

Security is also an essential part of home automation. Instead of using old-school security measures, luxury homes have advanced features that keep your residence safe from harm. Besides surveillance cameras, smart homes also have burglar alarms, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and remote access for added security. 

Complete your smart home system by adding the technologies mentioned above. Electronic Interiors can help you access all home automation features. We are certified dealers of the top residential brands that offer quality products. Our services are the best in Fenwick Island, DE. Call 302-827-3909 or fill out an easy online contact form by clicking here to get started on your project today.