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The Risks of DIY Home Network Installation

Look to a Professional for a Reliable and Robust Home Network

We’ve all heard the stories of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects gone wrong. YouTubers make it look so easy for homeowners to take on jobs best left for professionals. They promote significant cost savings by tackling installations; however, they always seem to leave out the part about mistakes that could potentially cost you more time and money.

Some things are best left to professionals, especially when your lifestyle is at risk. Home network installation is one of those challenging things that may look and sound simple but could create more problems for you if not done correctly.

You rely on a solid internet connection each day to work from home, shop online, stream television, operate connected devices, and more. Ensure your network is reliable by hiring a professional installation team for your Lewes, DE home.

Continue reading to uncover some of the risks of a DIY home network installation.

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Weak Signals

Designing the layout of a home network infrastructure is a very technical job. First, you want your network to have a solid foundation to provide you with the best possible connection  – wired and wireless. This design includes placing the router or wireless access points in optimal locations to provide the strongest signal throughout your home. 

If working from home, you’ll need a reliable wireless connection and may not want to risk a weak signal. Instead, consult a professional to ensure your infrastructure is designed correctly for a stable connection no matter where you roam on your property. 

Security Risks

There is no greater risk to your home network than security. Hackers can easily access an unsecured network to dig into your systems and files. In fact, they can even remotely control your connected devices if their cyber attack is successful.

A professional network installer ensures you have the proper security measures in place, including firewalls, VPNs, updated software, and a secure guest network for visitors.

Product Knowledge

If you were going to DIY your home network installation, then you’d probably spend a lot of time researching products and options. One of the most common things homeowners confuse is why certain products don’t integrate. A home network professional would be able to advise you on which smart home products work well together and which don’t. 

In addition to choosing the right products for your smart home setup, a professional installer can set up your devices precisely as you want. When products come out of the box, they are programmed with factory defaults, and customization can sometimes be tricky. A professional walks you through setup and shares options to set devices as you’d like. 

Peace of Mind

If you hire a professional for your home network installation in Lewes, DE, you can relax and have peace of mind that your network is suitable for your space, security, and reliability.

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