Your Home Theater Tech Blends Beautifully with Your Interior Design

Hidden AV Features Bring Together Your Cinema’s Style and Functionality


Having a dedicated home theater in your house can make watching any movie or TV show a brand-new experience!  The ability to immerse yourself within a form of media can make all the difference.

But to achieve this, your home cinema will need the best technology available.

But many homeowners fear that the latest entertainment systems will clash with their existing interior décor.  So how can you maintain your personal aesthetics for your Fenwick Island, DE home theater system, without compromising on functionality?

In this blog, we’ll dive into how hidden smart features can enhance any theater, while also highlighting its style.

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Hidden Visuals

You might prefer a flat-screen TV over a projector and screen combo for your home theater or vice-versa – but regardless of which you like best, 4K Ultra HD resolution is the way to go with either.

But with such advanced and top-quality tech, it might seem that your theater design will have to suffer to accommodate it all.  The great news?  Concealing this technology is easier than ever.

You can push a button on your smart device of choice, and it can raise up your screen when you’re not using it – then it will lower back down in seconds the moment you need it for movie night.

Screens that can cloak themselves as mirrors or paintings are useful for enhancing your interior style.  Wall panels that cover a screen can display your favorite artwork or pictures until you’re ready for your screen again.

These same concepts work for your projector as well.  In-ceiling projectors and roll-down screens are easily controlled by your smartphone, tablet, or any other smart device.  Simply lower or raise back up when you’re ready to use.


Hidden Audio

Having top-notch audio for your home theater is key to having that perfect movie-watching atmosphere in the space.

For that quality sound, you need quality speakers.  But what if you prefer to hear your speakers but not see them?

Luckily, there are a variety of options for any preferences you might have.  If you do actually want a more traditional and theatrical feel to your cinema design, standing speakers are elegant and give off the highest quality of audio.

The next options are bookshelf and cabinet speakers.  You can easily place these on top of any furniture in your theater.  They are hardly noticeable, and they blend in well with your décor.

But let’s say you want completely invisible speakers.  In-wall or in-ceiling ones are your best bet!  You can manage them just as efficiently as the others, using your smart device.

Strategically placing your speakers to elevate the room’s natural acoustics will deliver the high-end audio you want – while still keeping your theater design however you like it.


Setting up your home theater system with awesome technology doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your room’s design.  Hidden AV features let you have the best of both.

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