How to Host the Ultimate Pool Party

Take Advantage of these Outdoor Entertainment Tips

As the summer season starts winding down, you want to take full advantage of the few days left in your vacation home in the Lewes, Delaware area. Vacations can always use a bit of a spark, and pool parties provide a perfect opportunity. Need help keeping guests engaged when they come over? This blog includes some tips on how to host the ultimate pool party, including some ways our outdoor entertainment systems can help.


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Eliminate Any Safety Hazards

On any occasion where you’re going to have a lot of kids around water, it’s important to make safety a priority. Give safety tips and rules to all your guests to avoid any dangerous accidents. Illuminate the pool to help mitigate slips or trips on wet walkways. Visibility is especially important at night, so you can schedule additional lights to come on when the sun sets.


Entertain With Games and Toys

Lounging by the pool or splashing inside it is only fun for so long. It’s going to take some planned activities to keep the party going all day. Get some floats, water guns, and beach balls for your guests. Have a movie or baseball game playing on your outdoor TV. Use one of our outdoor entertainment systems to quickly switch the channel or source as needed as the day passes. You can also play some games out in the lawn like a ring toss, croquet or even touch football.


Themes Add a Spark to Your Party

Party decorations can take your get-together to the next level, especially if you bring them around a particular theme. Often, it’s easier to come up with decorating ideas if you can build off a particular subject. Try going with a luau feel, beach day atmosphere or even an extravagant Gatsby-esque ball. Everyone will have an easier time falling into the party vibe with an established theme.


Never Forget About the Music

Every pool party can benefit from a soundtrack, but it has to be done right. A common mistake is going with a couple of speakers playing really loudly to cover your outdoor space. There should be a variety of speakers evenly spread out around your pool and backyard for a comfortable sound that won’t disrupt the neighbors. Then use our outdoor entertainment systems to quickly pull up a curated playlist featuring the latest hits, some Beach Boys classics, or music that enhances your party theme.


Refreshments and Food Are a Must

A surefire way to have guests leave your party early is not providing drinks or food. No one’s going to have fun when they’re dehydrated or on an empty stomach. Don’t serve a lot of alcohol, as that can cause more dehydration. Offer bite-size food that’s easy to consume like small sandwiches, shrimp, or chips. Later in the day when the water activities have died down, you can grill up some burgers or hot dogs while listening to your favorite rock station.


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