Modern backyard with pool, dining room and barbecue area

Bring Enhanced Entertainment to Your Home with An Outdoor Speaker System

Enjoy your favorite sports, music, and movies with stunning audio

Extend your time outdoors by taking the entertainment with you. An outdoor sound system will add the punch to pool parties and movie nights under the stars. With outdoor audio, you’ll enjoy full, rich sound that doesn’t get in the way of conversations. Learn more below about how an outdoor speaker system in your Lewes, DE residence can upgrade your entertainment.

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Reproduce perfect highs and riveting lows in every song through your outdoor speakers. Turn your backyard into an immersive sound experience that gives you goosebumps at every note. A high-fidelity outdoor speaker system offers full audio spectrum frequency response so you hear every nuance without distortion or needing to crank the volume too loud. Enjoy movie nights immersed in the movie, hearing every part of the soundtrack from dialogue to explosive action to musical scores.



Your outdoor speaker system will deliver unparalleled sound without disturbing the design and elegance of your outdoor spaces. Weather-resistant landscape speakers hide in gardens, shrubs, and trees, blending in with the natural environment of your outdoor spaces. The rugged construction can withstand splashing from pools, rain, wind, heat, and dust, so they can be used around your yard to blanket your outdoor spaces with opulent, even sound.



Forget about multiple remote controls and complicated operation of your outdoor audio system. You can control everything from one central app on a dedicated touchscreen or your smart device. Select music, control volume and playback, direct music to one speaker zone or all of them, and much more with consummate ease. What’s more, your outdoor sound system can be integrated with other smart home features. Control your outdoor lighting, patio fans, pool equipment, TVs, and more with the same integrated system for total management of your outdoor entertainment oasis.


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