Boardroom Collaboration That Works in Every Way

A Crestron Conferencing System Provides Flexible, Efficient Boardroom Technology to Make Your Meeting More Productive.  

Effective communication is the lifeblood of business. Boardroom meetings provide a conduit to broker deals, craft ideas, and organize solutions.  

While the ongoing events in our nation have expanded and altered the ways we work together as teams, the need for dedicated conference rooms is expected to surge. A well-designed meeting space should enhance your presentations, be flexible enough to accommodate disparate groups, and work reliably.  

Crestron has been a premier audiovisual and smart office manufacturer since 1971. The company’s groundbreaking systems and components are trusted by top-flight businesses worldwide. Now is the time to make your Lewes, DE, collaboration spaces generate maximum productivity with Crestron systems.  

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Collaborate Clearly, Your Way 

The most important thing a boardroom must do is give occupants the ability to see and hear presentations. Having the staff crowd around an inadequate speakerphone is a recipe for delays and confusion. 

With a Crestron Flex package, you can find the right combination of components to fit your needs. Using the M-Series console and the category cable connected to a digital media backbone, you can present in stunning HD 1080p and high-fidelity audio. The camera captures every nuance and non-verbal cues essential to open discussions. The quad microphone ensures that every team member is heard clearly, no matter where they sit.  

Companies are no longer tied down to one proprietary conferencing tool, and the Crestron system is compatible with platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more. Incorporate the tools you are already using; simply connect any laptop via USB and get the discussion going.  

Concise Control 

Meetings need the right environment, lighting, and temperature to allow team members to work at their best. A room that is too bright or warm can derail a session before it begins; having easy controls to manage these elements is essential.  

Crestron knows control, and the M-Series panel furnishes you with an adaptable interface to manage in-room resources. Set the lights to the meeting scene, accentuating the people in the room while preventing glare and keeping materials readable. Motorized shades control the amount of sunlight entering the room – moderating the use of natural light while minimizing its overpowering brightness and heat.  

Manage and Maintain 

Conference rooms are hot commodities, and conflicts can occur when limited space meets demand. Scheduling rooms by the team, time duration, and resources help keep the discussions going and the business’s rhythm. Crestron scheduling hardware installs easily, and its software connects directly to the most popular calendaring platforms like Microsoft, Google, Ad Astra, and CollegeNET.  
With XiO, cloud management allows your IT department to access and set up rooms remotely. You can configure systems, resolve issues expediently, keep the meeting moving, and maintain social distancing protocols. When combined with occupancy sensors and cameras, you can develop metrics and insights for room and resource use. The information you gather generates interactive dashboards giving you the tools to make the collaboration spaces more efficient and safer.  

Meetings are more productive and profitable with a Crestron system installed by Electronic Interiors.  

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