Touchpad with smart surveillance and security system

Smart Home Security: More Than A Burglar Alarm

A Robust Smart Security System Protects Your Home and Family from Multiple Threats

Your security system should do more than send you occasional notifications. An active and robust smart security system brings you peace of mind while protecting your property and loved ones – sending critical information that is valuable to you. Smart home security protects and monitors more than just entry points and the outdoor spaces of your home. It also alerts you to problems such as fire, water leaks, temperature levels and, of course, intruder alerts that you can monitor and verify from your device. 

So, whether you are in your room or on vacation on the other side of the world, you’ll be notified in real-time of what is happening in your home, allowing you to react in time to any danger. A smart security system is more than just security for your home in Bethany Beach, DE; it is protection for your family and what you care about most.

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The integration of comprehensive monitoring and security of your home helps ensure that problems and incidents are resolved before they arise. A smart security system allows you to easily and effortlessly control every part of your system, such as cameras, motion sensors, smart locks, and water leak sensors. In addition, by integrating security with other systems in your home, you can create synergy and dramatically improve the performance of your security system. For example, if your security system detects unusual activity on your property, the landscape lights or interior lights can turn on automatically to make it appear that someone is home. 

In addition to sending you notifications when the system perceives a threat, you can also use a security system for other purposes. For instance, use the touch panel or app on your smartphone to keep an eye on the kids while they’re in the yard or check to make sure there are no accidents, such as water leaks, while you’re away on vacation.


When you think about it, your home consists of many interconnected networks, from electrical and plumbing to HVAC systems. Many of these systems may be out of sight or in places difficult to access. However, when unnoticed failures occur, they can be devastating. Through your smart security system, you will be able to monitor everything in real time, even in spaces out of sight, such as plumbing and electrical components. 

Your smart security system alerts about potential problems through a mobile app. This allows you to act quickly to prevent damage without the problem escalating into something more disastrous. With these alerts, you can trigger an alarm so that firefighters arrive as soon as possible in the event of a fire, water leak, or aother emergency. 

A smart security system gives you full confidence that your home is protected. Ready to integrate a smart home security system into your home? Contact us or fill out our online form for a no-obligation consultation.