Building a Whole Home Audio System? Explore the Possibilities Here.

A whole home audio system has endless, beneficial features. You can simply press a button, and your favorite artist’s latest album can play in your bedroom, then your kitchen – and anywhere else you want in your Lewes, DE, living space. It’s that easy.

But did you know that your system not only plays music anywhere with ease but is also completely customizable? You get to decide how you hear your audio, and through which platforms.

Want to learn about the various speakers and streaming solutions available to you when you choose a multi-room audio solution? Just keep on reading below to find out more about all the possibilities.


Two-Channel Stereo Speakers

When you bring stereo speakers to your whole home audio system, you’ll get an unparalleled music experience, every time. Music is recorded in two channels; by having two speakers to deliver your music in a stereo setup, you can enjoy an accurate reproduction of the track.

While two-channel setups are common in listening rooms and dedicated media room setups, you also can add them to your whole-home audio setup, as well. How? Power your traditional two-channel speaker setup through an amplifier that also can connect to your multi-room audio setup.

Bookshelf Speakers

Perhaps you don’t have the space for floorstanding stereo speakers and instead would prefer a compact speaker that you can place in your home office or bedroom, for example. Bookshelf speakers can blend in nicely with your décor by sitting on furniture or shelves; making them an easy, versatile addition to any whole-home audio system.

Hidden Speakers in the Ceiling and Walls

What about those in-between spaces in your house? The foyer, hallways, and corners? Or those rooms that are quite small, such as the laundry room or bathrooms? These spaces don’t exactly allow room for any standing or bookshelf speakers.

But your customizable whole home audio system can still deliver music to any area of your property with hidden speakers. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are nearly invisible, besides a small panel that can blend in with your walls’ existing paint color. Have these speakers installed anywhere in your home, and you can listen to your music as you go about your day.

Play your favorite vinyl records, or turn on a playlist on streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora. It’s as simple as pressing a button to utilize your hidden speakers for these purposes. Let’s face it: There’s something really cool about hearing sound without seeing its source, even when you witnessed the installation.

Within seconds, you can select which rooms play music and choose which speakers are set to play it. You can even have various audio streams playing at the same time throughout your whole home. Break up your daily routine with these new ways of listening to your favorite tunes!

Want to learn more about customizing your whole home audio system and the different ways you can listen to your music? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

Bring Joyous Noise to the Holidays

Utilize a Home Music System to Entertain with Style

The upcoming holiday season means that your abode might soon be filled with friends, family, and guest from near and afar.  You want to set the perfect mood for everyone, and there’s no better way than by having the right soundtrack or sweet tunes filling the air.  Installing a home music system in your Bethany Beach, DE house can guarantee that everyone will have a rocking time listening to set playlists or varied music throughout the evening.  Read on below to see what features the system offers.

Every Song Available

While you’re scrambling around the house checking that the food, board games, and table are all set, you don’t want to be also worrying about changing from one song to the next.  When your guests arrive, the perfect playlist can already be playing.  You can access your entire music library on your system, from your tablet or smartphone.   Turn on spooky and haunting music for Halloween or stream classic Christmas music as everyone exchanges gifts – the options are endless.


Scheduled Music

Maybe you don’t want music blaring as everyone comes in through the doors, and want more calming music during dinner.  Smart control allows you the make the choice of what playlists come on at certain times.

Have lower, inviting music play when everyone first arrives, stimulating conversation and camaraderie.  Then you can have the music lower even more, or shut off completely once dinner begins.  When everyone is done with the meal, true party music can play over the speaker.  Then, if everyone is ready to sit down and watch something, you can listen to the same high-end audio on your TV and catch a game or holiday movie.

Adapt to Anything

Say one guest asks if you have a particular song in your selection, and everyone pounces – requesting songs like you’re the DJ.  Luckily, you can stand in as one.  You can easily adjust to any requests or changes with a simple touch of a button on your smart device, and choose anything from raising up the volume to switching songs over and over again.

If your party guests start moving about the house, and you’re still cleaning up in the kitchen or dining area, you don’t even have to shift locations to change the music they hear.  Wherever they are, turn up the tunes, and shut any off that might be playing to an absent audience.

Hosting an amazing holiday party or dinner doesn’t have to be a hassle.  With these home audio features, you can start planning the gathering of the season.  Learn more by contacting us at (302) 644-8110 or online on our contact page.